Sunday, Oct. 30

Bryan Center

Come join us for a celebratory BBQ to kickoff the very first Energy Week at Duke. Here, you will learn more about what is in store for the week and hear any last updates on the opportunities that will be available throughout the week. 

Who: Open to the public!  Drivers must be 18+ with a valid drivers license.
What: BBQ Picnic, GM vehicle test drives, Duke Electric Vehicles Club, and smoothie bike
Why: Who doesn't like sweet cars and good old Carolina BBQ?  Also, the transportation sector represents one of our largest sources of energy demand.  Companies like General Motors work every day in defining the future of transportation.  Come check out GM's newest line of vehicles, as well as some of the transportation innovation that is happening right here at Duke!



EV Ride and Drive Event

Jump in the drivers seat of GM's newest line of electric and hybrid electric vehicles!  Test drives are open to public. Drivers must be 18+ years old with a valid drivers license!

2017 Lineup

*Brand new, unreleased model. Test drives restricted.


Duke Electric Vehicles Club 

Check out Duke's own award-winning EV racing squad.  Two fully electric vehicles, both fully constructed by students at Duke, will be on display.