Team Members and Application

Teams are to be composed of a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of five (5) full-time graduate students.  The case will require rigorous financial analysis, therefore a minimum of one (1) MBA student per team is required.  All team members must represent the same university.

The EEMCC team will prepare resume books for all the judges and sponsors. To be included in the resume book, all applicants must complete a short online survey and upload their resumes individually. These materials will be sent to all teams following registration.

Application Deliverables

  • EEMCC Application Form
  • Individual Survey and Resume Book Submission

Competition Format

The case will be distributed to all registered teams on Friday, September 23.  This will include real data provided by Cuba Strategies Inc. and several questions posed to meet current challenges in their business strategy.

Round 1 – Open Entry

Friday, Sept. 23 – Friday, Sept. 30

Competing teams will have one week to formulate their solution to the case challenge.  Submissions will be scored blindly according to a grading rubric and assigned points.  The highest scoring teams will be invited to present their solution on November 1 at Duke University.  A maximum of one team per university will be invited to the final round.

Round 2 – Competition Day

Tuesday, Nov. 1 (selected teams)

Morning Session - All finalist teams will have the opportunity to present their solution to a panel of industry judges at Duke University during the morning of Nov. 1. Teams will have twenty minutes to present, followed by a five minute period of questions and answers. Judges will score each team and provide feedback.  Top scoring teams will advance to the final round.  The morning session will be closed to the public. Teams advancing to the final round will be given a plot twist to incorporate into their presentations prior to the final round.

Final Session – The highest scoring teams will advance to the final round, which will be open to the public.  Teams will have twenty minutes to present their solutions with ten minutes of questions and answers.  Judges will score the presentations to select a winner.  Results will be announced at the Duke University Energy Mix reception following the competition.