Friday, Nov. 4

The Bullpen
215 Morris Street
Durham, NC

Who? YOU. The student/aspiring entrepreneur/seasoned investor/cleantech guru in the Triangle Area.  

What? Local energy startups from the Triangle Area present their technology or company in an expo style atmosphere. 

Why? Learn what's hot in energy in the NC region, one of the fastest growing start-up hubs in the country.

Score an internship - Several start-ups are looking for student interns... but the motivated, gritty, start-up kind. Is that you?Think like a Venture Capitalist - Practice evaluating start-ups in a true expo setting.
Discover new companies - The company lineup ranges from Early Stage to Mid-sized.



PlotWatt develops personalized home energy monitoring solutions that help individuals and businesses reduce their energy bills.


ReVenture Park™ is an ambitious plan to transform a former 667 acre Superfund Site along the Catawba River in Charlotte, NC into the region’s largest Eco-Industrial Park. This project will create one of the most dynamic and multifaceted renewable energy developments currently being developed in the United States.


The US is the world’s leading petroleum producer, but the industry depends on Saltwater Well Disposal (SWD) for the disposal of billions of barrels of wastewater produced every year.  SWD is the industry’s single largest operating cost, and the controversial disposal practice is causing induced earthquake activity in Oklahoma and other states.  Currently, SWD is the only option because existing water treatment technologies cannot treat this highly contaminated waste.  SeaChange Technologies water treatment solution offers a cost effective and sustainable alternative.


Entex Technologies is a clean water solutions company providing leading technology for comprehensive advanced biological wastewater treatment and filtration. Operating at the intersection of biotechnology, infrastructure and sustainable technologies, Entex offers custom engineered solutions for the world’s clean water needs.


GridMarket educates and mobilizes the energy economy to create a clean, distributed grid. They drive savings and resiliency by providing critical resources that accelerate the project sourcing process and reduce development soft costs. The platform maximizes project benefits through data, technology matching, and innovative value streams.


Orora Global, Inc. focuses on eradicating energy poverty by breaking down all barriers of access to providing reliable and affordable clean energy solutions to rural and semi-urban communities across the world. Instead of creating an entirely new infrastructure, Orora distributes its products to rural markets through partnerships with NGO’s, Non-Profits and Self Help Groups, who either purchase or help to distribute the products.


Windlift is a small engineering and computer programming company based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Windlift is developing the next generation of Airborne Wind Energy Systems.


OnDemand.Energy owns and operates income producing, energy storage assets which provide site based energy services. is making manufacturing facilities more efficient.  The convergence of sensor technology and data (big and small) with consumer quality user experiences has created the next industrial revolution.  These new analytical engines deliver better control of production normalized operations and energy management.  The Contxt platform and nSight analytics help significantly reduce resource consumption.


Harvest Technologies is a technology development firm inventing and moving through proof-of-concept solutions to challenges at the nexus of energy and the environment.  Over the next 3 to 5 years Harvest will be focused on maturing its first suite of technologies including the Harvest Wave Energy converter and our novel energy storage technology, through a series of progressively larger, government funded demonstration projects.  At the conclusion of those efforts we will promote the rapid and widescale commercialization of these technologies through global licensee partner arrangements.