2017 Competition

Itaipú Dam: Powering Paraguay’s Future

Itaipú Dam is the world’s largest dam regarding energy production, producing an average of 93,220 GWh annually – enough to meet nearly 19% of Brazil’s demand, 33% of the state of California, or 7x Paraguay’s demand. Since its beginning, the dam has played a vital role in Paraguay’s economy and energy sufficiency. Brazil and Paraguay will renegotiate Itaipú’s Binational Treaty in 2023. Government officials, business leaders, and entrepreneurs are combining efforts for this decisive moment.

Paraguay produces enough electricity to not only satisfy its demand but to export the majority of the electricity to Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay’s energy matrix is a combination of some of the most advanced energy trends (a carbon neutral electricity system) paired with an exceptional reliance on biomass for residential, commercial, and industrial processes. Although Paraguay currently enjoys a significant surplus, the gap is closing. Government estimates expect Paraguay to use up all its installed capacity sometime between 2023 and 2030. Furthermore, most of the growth in electricity consumption has gone to residential use, not to industry or transportation.

For this year’s case competition, the teams will address some of the most relevant energy challenges Paraguay is facing today. Teams will recommend business opportunities and investment strategies to the local leaders and entrepreneurial community.


2016 Competition

$10,000 Grand Prize



Revolutionary Power: A Look at Cuba’s Energy Future

This year’s challenge examines the exciting changes taking place in Cuba’s energy landscape.  Finalist teams will be invited to Duke University to present their solution to a panel of industry leaders and compete for $15,000 in prizes.


The Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition (EEMCC), sponsored by the MBA Energy Club, engages diverse and creative teams to address real energy challenges affecting the developing world.  The one-day competition connects students, academia, and industry in pursuit of unconventional business-based solutions that expose unrecognized opportunities with positive social and environmental impact. Showcasing analytical and presentation skills, future leaders in the energy industry can demonstrate their global mindset, innovative thinking, and passion.